Charity Projects

Hi I just thought  this could spread the word about these amazing charities/organizations in an effort to help with Sophia Bush's mission to save the world!

  Love 146: One of my favorite people, Bethany Joy Galeotti,is a big supporter of this charity is trying to put an end to child  trafficking. It aids in eliminating of trafficking rings all over the world.
I know this can be a touchy subject especially with kids my age, but I shouldn't be some thing we just ignore. So you can donate at or go to the running/walking/dancing Tread on Trafficking event but, hurry it ends soon!

This is a great organization because they have helped animals all around the  world. Some of the animals are polar bears, pandas,tigers,and many more. You can visit them at!

This Foundation is great for animals. You can donate by going to .
Charity Water: Do you know how lucky we are to have clean water?We are pretty lucky. Almost a billion people on earth don't access to drinking water? And the water they can get is usually not clean.  Unsafe water and lack of normal sanitation causes most of disease actually up to 80% and kills more than acts of violence even war! Let's put a stop to this go to for more.

So please....

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