These are just great bands and artists I just wanted to share with you!

Everly: Everly is what became of two friends Bethany Joy Galeotti and Amber Sweeney deciding to collaborate and share their passion for music and storytelling. Their amazing music is available 
and on iTunes! Please support them I love them! 

 The Script: The Script is an Irish trio 
That brings a new brand of Celtic soul, blending Hip-Hop lyrical flow with pop-melodies!
This band rocks it! Their music is available in stores and on iTunes and Rhapsody.

Taylor Swift: If you don't know who that is you probably don't know me. She is my forever number one. This Country artist can go from country twang to upbeat pop an a split second,she has been on top of the iTunes charts plenty of times and writes her own songs!
Her music is available in stores and anywhere else you might look.

 Kate Voegele: This singer/songwriter has made quite a name for herself in my book,scoring a role on One Tree Hill (My fave t.v. show) and getting on the top of the iTunes charts various times. She has just released another album called "Gravity Happens" and that is going to arrive in stores near the beginning of June! Until then you can get it on iTunes or at her official merchandise store on Her other albums are available online and on iTunes.

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals: This band was on One Tree Hill that should be enough period.  If you want to get a taste of this wonderful band try stores and iTunes or go to

 Jana Kramer: She is also on One Tree Hill with Kate Voegele and her music has been featured on the show multiple times. Her song "Whiskey" is a personal favorite of mine. She has yet to release an album ,but her music is available on and iTunes.

Selena Gomez: This Disney gal has made a new name for herself in music. Now she is constantly coming out with new songs and videos for her new album "When The Sun Goes Down" I am looking forward to seeing what her new album holds when it comes out on June 28th! Her stuff is available on iTunes,in stores, and on her website:! Here is the new album cover!

Gwyneth Paltrow: She made a fabulous debut in Country Strong and has since been on GLEE! and collaborated with Grammy winning artist Cee-lo Green. She has yet to release an official  album ,but the  Country Strong soundtrack is available on iTunes and in stores While her singles are also available on iTunes.

The Downtown Fiction: This band is amazing they have made a reputation for pushing the envelope while never crossing boundaries. They're style is as some may call it "geek chic." They're stuff is available at Hot Topic and on iTunes!

Owl City: This one-man band is made up of Adam Young. It puts a twist on techno-pop with whimsical  lyrics and a witty twist on music it is obvious why most people know who this is. Adam, mixes all of his own music which makes him unique too.  His music is available in stores and on iTunes and possibly Rhapsody.

Carrie Underwood: This country singer has won several awards beating out some of the long-time greats. She has released 3 albums: Carnival Ride, Some Hearts, and Play On. I personally own 2 of them and listen to them all the time. Her music is available in stores and on iTunes and Rhapsody.

Bethany Joy Galeotti: She is in the band Everly, but she has gone solo numerous times, collaborating with some great artists. Her solo music is only available on due to the fact that if she releases an album it will most likely be with her bandmate Amber Sweeney.

The Plain White T's : This band is awesome, they've been featured on many show, adult and kid. They are more well known for they're songs " Hey there Delilah" and "Rhythm of Love" They're music is available on iTunes and in stores.

Muse:This British band has brought as new sound to America and it's not a bad sound. They are great period. They're stuff is available in some stores and on iTunes.

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