Shopping For A Cause!!!

Hey guys I just found some awesome shopping ideas that I thought I would share with you!

Baggu Bags:This bag is great for cutting down your impact on the earth! These awesome totes can be found at . They are made of ripstop nylon and can hold up to fifty pounds! These bags can fold up to 5"x 5" pouches and unfold to be 15" wide 25' long and 6" deep! Just 5 can pack a cart full of groceries! If you buy one it is only 8 bucks ,but if you buy 6 or more they are 6.50 each. Here are some of my fave colors:

The Wayuu Taya Foundation: This non-profit foundation helps to improve the lives of Latin-American indigenous communities while still maintaining and respecting their cultures. Instead of taking donations they have created bags that are available to purchase at They come in various colors the styles change all the time because they are hand-made not mass produced. So you get something unique while supporting a great cause.

Stationery: I love stationery! I mean who doesn't after all now is a time when almost everything is technology based and I think there is something so great about receiving a hand written letter! But with paper comes waste so I have discovered ! This website can help you with all your paper product needs complete with all the percentages of recycled/post-consumer attributes and even plant based inks! Sentimental and eco-friendly? Count me IN!You can also search "recycled stationary" on

Fun Stuff!!!!!!

 Water Bobble: The Water Bobble supplies clean,fresh water while not eliminating style. It will benefit the earth and filter your water as you drink it. This nifty water bottle is available at and is BPA free.  It can help the earth by eliminating all the plastic water bottles that can take up to 450-1,000  years EACH to decompose!

Tote Bags: If you are my age and don't have any money because you are to lazy to do your chores, this is a cheap and easy way to cut down your environmental impact. Tote bags can come in all different styles,sizes,and materials.  Some of the cheaper ones are available at places like Forever 21 while other are online at specific "green" stores! Forever 21 totes are available at . You can also try  and !


Toms: These are cute and charitable shoes. Combining 2 of my favorite things: Fashion and Giving. For each pair that you buy the Toms company gives one pair to under privileged children. I have a gray pair of classics, but they are always coming out with new styles to choose from. You can get your "get one give one" shoes at or go to

Second times the charm! My second pair of toms Navy rope soles!

My first pair of Toms: gray classics! Definitely not my last!

Falling Whistles: This charity was born after it came to people's attention that young boys in the Congo, who are sent to the front-lines armed with nothing more than a whistle. These young boys serve to send warning and are often used as,well human shields. Are you feeling heartbroken, well know you can help to support this charity in "making their weapon your voice" by being a whistle blower for peace in Congo. To purchase a whistle please go to

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