Friday, May 13, 2011

5 of My Favorite Things!

Well,today sucked . I hated  it , but you know what really makes my day better? Well here are a few things that really cheer me up! 1. Everly, if  you don't know who that is it is a band whose members are Amber Sweeney and Bethany Joy Galeotti!  2. Taylor Swift , all around amazing singer, songwriter, and performer!  3. That 70's Show : Funny and Cool! 4. One Tree Hill , the show about  love, life and family. (pure awesome!)  5. Art, who doesn't love creativity? oh,and for some awesome art check out Kristin Kemper! :D
 What Do you love? Anyway I also wanted to update you and tell you that I am SO excited Bethany Joy Galeotti is in California!  I hope she comes to San Francisco! Please , Joy, PLEASE! Oh and I saw an elephant statue on Joy's  blog ! Hehe!!!!

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