Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bethany Joy Galeotti is My Inspiration!!!

BJG is my inspiration! Who is yours?  Well, she isn't my only inspiration there is Taylor Swift, Sophia Bush,and Selena Gomez. I know most of those are your classic little girl "bubblegum " role models, but hey, I'm not all grown up!  Anyways Bethany Joy Galeotti is my inspiration because of her talent in all thing including acting and singing. I also like her because when you look at her blog it's just like a normal person talking. Yet another reason confirming some celebs are just like us! If you haven't noticed I will blog about her frequently and talk about constantly some people might say I'm a little obsessed. Yup, that sounds about right! Oh, and I almost forgot I am going out to frozen yogurt with my teacher! That = RAD.

Yup stars and frozen yogurt what else does the world need?

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