Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Gifts I Gave Myself! Kinda.

I went shopping!!! And don't worry I didn't spend all my mom's money, I spent my own. Well, at least the money my awesome aunt gave me! Plus I have  a Visa gift card  that a teacher gave me for tutoring a kid in her class! So, to an 11 year old I'm rich!!! So, here's what I got :

1. My Japan shirt that some proceeds went to tornado relief !
2. My new elephant ring! It was only $1.00 !
3. My lanyard that says Rawr means I love you! Rawr!
4. My graduation gift: an "antique" globe from Target.

I love what I got and look forward to bringing some of them on my summer trips with me!!! What did you buy or want to buy on your summer shopping trips? Let me know!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Nina it's me Liona! Nice blog and cool pics post more, your BFF

    Liona P.!


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