Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday and Goin' Goin' to Vegas, Vegas. . .

Today for Fashion Friday I was super casual, for just lounging around the house. You may notice that there are no shoes, well since I was in the house all day being a couch potato, I didn't wear any! Other than that today I was just sitting in my living room listening to Selena Gomez's new album with my dog, catching up on emails, and reading Bethany Joy Galeotti's blog, may I just say Best Day EVER. Oh, and packing, because I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow at 4 AM! WOW, considering that I fall asleep at 1 AM that might be an issue. ;) See, you tomorrow! (If I'm awake that is) 10 hour Vegas drive here I come! :P
Fashion Friday

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