Friday, July 15, 2011

Thoughts This Week. . .

-If your cousin asks you to have a light saber duel. . . Say no
-The greatest shows have the greatest music
-Gonna watch the movie Cyberbu//y on TV
-One Tree Hill makes me smile every time. . .
-I am SO excited to go to the Taylor Swift concert
-Listening to hellogoodbye and Keane today
-Baking is a lovely pastime
-Whisper, Hello I miss you quite terribly
-People, will ALWAYS find themselves,it just depends on how they get there
-Lucy Hale looks beautiful whatever she's wearing, including nerd glasses
-How am I going to pull middle school off?
-I can't wait until the college sales start, so I can buy more decor for my room
-I love how the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland says in smoke "Who Are you?"
-Yes, I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. . . And The Little Mermaid (in case you hadn't noticed)
-I am secretly following everything that Kate Middleton wears 24/7. . .
-Is strange that I know all the words to the Pretty Little Liars theme song?
-Disney characters make me happy.
-Sometimes I have such elaborate dreams they seem real
-I love the feeling that when your dog looks at you he's smiling inside
-I am so anxious for OTH to come back
- My new facination (aside from singing in Spanish) is learning how to use sign language
-Tim Burton and that lady who wears two different shoes are perfect for each other
-I love being a "colorful" person.
-Wait that's a good thing right?

All My Love

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