Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PLL-- Goosebumps Under Those Lovely Clothes...

So, I know lately all I've been talking about is Pretty Little Liars. But, hey I love the show! The only thing I haven't talked about as far as the show is, the fashion! I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the Pretty Little Liars clothes are amazing! Spencer and Aria are my personal favorites, but I like all of them...Here's what I like about each of them!

Spencer : The preppy one. With button down shirts, ballet flats, minis, and lots and lots of blazers! But, don't worry Spencer is a unique kind of preppy, she likes to mix in unique cut-outs and prints that don't make her the boring stuck up prep school girl. (Kind is like Hanna's stepsister Kate..ugh Kate.) I suppose I like her because I'm a little preppy myself!

Aria: The eclectic edgy one. With feather earrings, leather jackets,boots, and lots and lots of blouses! With her unique mix of accessories and prints Aria is so obviously not afraid to experiment with her style.(Not unlike Lucy Hale herself...who plays Aria) I  like Aria and Lucy's style because they are just like mine!

 Hanna: The girly one. With flirty dresses, flowy tops, bags, and lots and lots of heels. Hanna is known for wearing name brand designers, latest looks like Kate Spade, Chanel, Stella McCartney, and Gucci. (Like most of the exceedingly rich people in the exclusive town of Rosewood!) I like her because she wears everything well because she has confidence!

Emily: The casual one. With cute tees, sneakers, jeans and denim skirts, and lots and lots of sweaters! Emily is on the swim team so she doesn't have much time to shop! (She also doesn't want to get in the latest Kate Spade collection top with soaking wet chlorinated hair) I like her because she has an effortlessly cute look!

They all come together to form...

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