Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ways to wear your uniform (for 180 days)...

Ways to make your uniform look better... 
Back to school...
Can be super crazy. But, you know what's really crazy?  Wearing a uniform for 180 full on straight, 7 period, bell ringing school days. So I've made a little collage (above to show you how to wear your uniform and not let it wear you. And if you don't have a uniform...good for you. (You can still use this)

Jackets: These are a must have. They cover up your polo without getting you in anything uncomfortable. So shoot for something simple and make sure you everything you get (accessories,clothes,bags,etc.) , follows all the school rules about colors, cut, etc.

Scarves:Another quick way to cover up that ugly collar, without getting to bundled up. Also, usually during a the winter months you'll be all nice and toasty for when temperatures dip low.

Accessories: Nothing to big or daring...just a few little cute pieces here and there. Earrings and a ring adds something extra and can be worn with everything. A hat/beret can be worn as an accent and as a must have to keep your head warm and cute during cold seasons.

Bags: Your book bag/backpack is a really  important component in your look. Think about it...you're going to be toting this thing every where with you...so, find something that you like that follows school policy. And is sturdy enough to get the job done.(Yes, I do find school policies just as annoying as you do)

Confidence: When you are wearing a uniform (or your regular clothes) you need to be confident. I was totally bummed about it too, but eventually figured out that everything looks better on you when you feel good. Complimenting yourself doesn't make you self-centered if you aren't rude about it. So tell yourself how amazing you look in those khakis, because you do.

The Real School Supplies:So, you've got your list for the stuff you have to get, and you have like half of the stuff on it, when you came to lunch box and comp book. You have a lunch box that you got  in Las Vegas ,but it's Hello Kitty with 3D glasses on. And for your comp book...you have a cute nerd Minnie Mouse one from Disneyland  and your embarrassed to use either one of them. But, don't be afraid to. Odds are some other girl brought her Hello Kitty Lunch box and is relived you did too. (You just made a friend) And everyone  brings funny printed notebooks!

Other Essentials: Okay so you have your paper your pencils, your binder, lunch box... But, do you have these? Tumblers are great for holding juice, water, or any other cold drink. But, in case your in need of a coffee or tea fix, try a travel mug. You can take it to school, and in the car (on the way there), but you'll probably have to talk to your teacher about bringing it to class. Still, it's a great thing to have on hand!

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