Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Winter Obsessions

1. Kingsley!!! I LOVE this guy! He is so hilarious! Whenever I'm feeling low and I want to laugh I watch his videos. If you have a YouTube account then follow this guy's channel, which is titled ItsKingsleyBitch! If you ever feeling down,and you have a sense of humor then I guarantee  he'll cheer you up. And everyone deserves to smile in this season! Below are a couple of my favorites videos of his.

So True. Beatrice and Gertrude and Old Fart Frank. :D

I love the part where he's like Ewwww! :P

2. Alice in Wonderland. Okay, so I'm obsessed with this year round. I love the story, animation, and how the people have slight British accents. I also love the ride with the slow caterpillars in Disneyland because I love being in Wonderland. I would live there if I could. Yes, I still love Disney  at 12.

 This is the ride poster. Love it!

3. Disneyland. I love Disneyland at all times! And I kinda wish I could live there. Is anyone going and has a really big suitcase that a 12 year-old could fit in? Yes, No, Maybe so?

Disneyland during winter.

4. Okay, so last thing I am so obsessed with is...Taylor Swift's cat Meredith and the Taylor Swift "Ours" music video.

The Ours video is so sweet! AND Meredith is in it.

Meredith and Taylor.

Taylor Swift has a new haircut.

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