Friday, May 20, 2011

My Teacher!

My teacher is amazing period. She is so patient with everything and is so relatable. I feel like I cold tell her one of my biggest secrets and she would be trustworthy with it oh, wait I already have and she is trustworthy AND amazing AND cool. Yeah, for those of you who don't have my teacher well, that really sucks for you! So I want know what your teacher is like and how you describe her (YES even if you have the same teacher as me!) I also wanted to "notify" you guys about me posting more pages I just put up the charity page today and am probably going to post another page called Gallery or Pictures that I will put pictures I like on.So keep an eye out!!!!!!
Sneak Peek! Shhhhh.....

Hehe! love you guys! :)

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with you! I have the same teacher as you do and she's cool in everything she does. She keeps up with the boys in our class that causes lots of problems and is so easy to talk to!
    She jokes around with every single one of us and is the best teacher ever!


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