Friday, May 20, 2011

Water Bobble!

"We set out to satisfy our desire for  fresh, clean, portable water while minimizing the considerable costs bottled water imposes on our environment and ourselves. We decided to reinvent the water bottle. We needed our bottle to be recyclable and resilient. We need to hold costs down.We refused to sacrifice style in favor of function.In essence we wanted it all." And they got it. These are the words of the inventors of the Water Bobble. They had my support when they said they would NOT sacrifice style for function which in my opinion we do way to often.

I have gotten most of this info from Sophia Bush, the self-proclaimed person who will probably end up saving the world. For many months now I have struggled to find an eco-friendly water bottle without getting the taste of metal in my mouth. This solves the problem. Second off for EVERY water bottle we throw away each can take up to 450- 1,000 years to decompose!! If you are using plastic please RECYCLE!!!!!! I am going to start posting more eco-friendly things so keep your eyes peeled.

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