Monday, June 13, 2011

Are You Art Smart?

Kristin Kemper is. Her art varies in styles from Disney type to Rough line sketches. All are beautiful,but I have a few favorites! If you don't believe me the proof is in my new blog header! (Which by the way did you like?) So, what makes her work so special? Well, she offers a whimsical touch to all of her paintings/drawings/sketches. Sometimes she'll use clever materials or she'll put things in the drawings that are just so crazy! Maybe that's why I like her. She's crazy,but not like, psycho. And yes I did just say psycho which I just learned how to spell! I don't know if you've noticed , but English is a pretty complicated language.  So, know before I get too off topic here are a few of my favorite prints by Kristin Kemper:

For more of K.K. work go to Here!

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