Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Photography Art?

Now, this may not be an age old question, but it sure crosses my mind a lot. What, brought this on? Well, today (actually a few minutes ago) I was on my Etsy.com profile, when I came across this fabulous vintage photography "shop"! (If you don't know what etsy is it is basically an online database where you can create your own shop, or buy things) The pictures were so whimsical, that as I sat here in my beat up old bed I wondered "Is photography an art?" In my personal opinion it is, but others may think differently. So, if you don't think it's an art-form why don't you look at these  pictures and tell me what you think. Do you stand your ground is it a non- realistic thought to think of it as art or is it just as beautiful as a painting?

Cool huh? Well, whatever your opinion is it will never change mine photography is definitely art, if you use it the right way that is. Hey, is writing art? Here we go again.

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  1. Hi nice blog you have here!!! Oh, wait I created it!


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