Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

I hope your Father's Day is filled with joy and happiness! Today I'm not sure what I'm doing, but that doesn't mean you can't know. My amazing teacher is having a day out in San Francisco, One of my best friends is having a big family dinner, and my cousin's dad is most likely going to watch a baseball game with his boys. So, what are your special plans for your dad ? Whatever you have planned be sure to say Happy Father's Day! (I did NOT do that on purpose)



  1. Hey, i'm really glad you like my blog! Thanks for commenting and giving me tips for my blog, I really appreciate it. You are absolutley right, I should keep up with the dates on Joy's blog, and I really like your idea about commenting what Joy wrote on her blog, so thanks! Really like your blog as well!

  2. Why, thank you! I am glad I could help!By the way I love how your blog has exclusive photos I can't find anywhere else!


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