Monday, June 20, 2011

Hot, Hot, Heat . . .

That is not just the name of a band, that's what today consisted of.! It was no make that is, so hot here, I felt like I was melting! I really hope that when I go to Disneyland it doesn't get over 100 degrees, but who knows it's L.A. right? Anyway, I received 2 things in  the mail, one was the prints I ordered from Kristin Kemper, and the was my new TOMS!!! I love them to pieces, they are summery, cute, and charitable!Have you ordered any TOMS? Do you know someone who has TOMS? Do you want TOMS?  Well, if you want to find out where you can get them, you could Google it, or simply just visit my Shopping With A Cause page, that already has links to where they are available!

Aside from that I have just found a new respect for Old Navy. They now carry Water Bobbles! (Which are also featured on my Shopping  With A Cause page if you want to now more!) I mean I have been a fan of Old Navy for quite some time, but this is awesome. I love their clothes and now I love the fact that they are following the latest Eco-trends too! With their stainless steel bottles, ceramic coffee holders, and soda cups made out f plastic, the best part is they are all reusable! Now, I know people need ton ease up on the green thing, but that does mean we have to stop completely?

Collaborates With. .  .

Oh, and for pictures of my recently received merchandise search the blog name "The County Fair and New Toms!"

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