Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Reading, Pain or Gain?

So, as all of us older kids kids know summer reading is a given when school get's out. The question is, is it a blessing or a pain in the neck? I know, I know instant reaction is PAIN!, but think of it like this at least you get to pick a book of you interest from the list they give you, plus you can choose a short book if you're lazy.  Most of all though it's a good way to make sure that everything that you learned last year doesn't just go out the window (or your ears) it makes your mind work which also insures that it won't turn into a melted mess.

For my summer reading list here are the options:
  • If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
  • Taking Sides
  • Leonardo Da Vinci- Artist and Scientist
  • Habibi
  • The Secret Language of Girls
  • Lawnboy
  • The Hunger Games
  • Among the Betrayed
  • Maniac Magee
  • Millicent Min Girl Genius
  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp 
Considering the fact that I have already read half of these books I have selected  2 book I haven't read (I don't cheat)  1. Millicent Min Girl Genius   2. Among the Betrayed Yes isn't summer reading amazing? Do you say that with sarcasm or with truth? You decide.

Have fun Book Worms!

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