Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Swap Party!

 So, earlier this morning I was reading Bethany Joy Galeotti's blog and she had a great idea : A  Summer Swap Shop! Now, Joy's version is a little inappropriate for girls my age due to the alcohol, but I have decided to modify the AMAZING idea! (all credit to Joy including the pics)

My idea is very similar to Joy's: You bring items of clothes, accessories, nick knacks, or any other kind of  cool unwanted item, and swap it for something you friends bring! Whatever you don't swap should go to charity! There must be DVDs, Drinks,and food for a little spice:

  • For a cheaper, but still delicious  food table, have pizza, pasta, pretzels, and for a healthy touch some fresh fruit. (Strawberries, Blueberries , Melon, etc.)  Also for a more free easy party have it buffet style so anyone can eat whenever they get hungry!
  • For a sweet, but non-alcoholic drink center have punch, water, juice, soda, etc. And remember for food and drink if one of your friends have an allergy, make sure you keep that in mind when you  make your food and drink selection!
  •   Next for a funner swap in the backround have on some of your favorite shows! For my Swap Shop it would be: "One Tree Hill", "Pretty Little Liars "(At night for a spooky effect), and  probably "Switched  at Birth"! If you're not much of a TV  fan you can put on music.
  • Finally if your  my age and still have the tolerance for slumber parties have your friends sleepover! So, now you have New clothes and other items, a full stomach, and a memorable night with your friends!
 P.S. If you want you can turn  this into a party for any event like birthdays, family get together!


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