Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Week...

This Week...

This Week... by thebloggergirl featuring toms shoes

This week was probably one of the most hectic weeks ever, first we drove to Vegas from San Francisco (10 hours), then we got there, packed 3 days full of things to do, then we drove to the Grand Canyon, (beautiful, but hey there's another 4 hours in the car), next we went back to Vegas spent the night and left for home later that afternoon! (And got home at 1:30 am) If your mouth is hanging open right now be sure to check for flies in the room, because this get's even crazier.

After all that and more I am finally sitting at home waiting for my 12th birthday (which is tomorrow!)  Watching my Alice in Wonderland DVD, catching up on Switched at Birth and Pretty Little Liars, hoping that I get everything I wish for tomorrow!

Other than that, I am reading some of the old Nancy Drew novels, now realizing that the cheese factor in these books is above anything I've read before. ;) Oh, and I'm hoping that Shania Twain's show in Vegas comes soon, before Celine Dion's ego suffocates half of the entire population! (Seriously singer of the best song in the world?) I mean she's good, but really? :) Hope you guys had a less crazy, but still crazy enough week than I did!


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