Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thoughts This Week. . .

They're good thoughts, I promise.

-Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are kind of a power couple when you think about it
-I love Taylor Swift's hair flips
-I can't help it I love Selena Gomez's music, ALL of it
-Math really gives me a headache
-My new fascination is singing in Spanish which I can sort of do,sort of.
-See: Dices Que soy imperfecta Que tu eres dueno. . .
-I am not looking forward to the heat in Vegas when I go in the last week of July
-I, like Alice, want to visit Wonderland. . .
-Should I go see Monte Carlo on my birthday with my friends?
-Why would you ever die your dogs fur pink?
-Tonight I think I'll have a Pretty Little Liars marathon
-I wonder how much ice cream could fit in my brother's mouth. . .
-I find Bethany Joy Galeotti's blog inspired
-I type Bethany Joy's name so much my iPad has memorized the word "Galeotti"
-I will "Speak Now" September 1, 2011 in San Jose
-Maybe I had to much sugar in my breakfast.
-"I love you like sparkles and getting the last word, and that's a lot" ~Taylor Swift
-I am so glad I subscribed to Seventeen Magazine
-Did my hair have to have a mind of it's own?
-Zits, be gone!
-The little girl in me still believes in mermaids. . .
-Must study for calc test on Friday oh, wait, right it's summer.
-Ewww. . . Is that a moth, oh no it's just a piece if paper, maybe I should pick that up,Nah.
-I have always wanted to dance in the rain in my best dress.
-"But, Mom why can't I live in Disneyland?" (quote from kid standing next to me in the line for Star Tours)
-Man,I wish could live in London (Fundon) for just a year.
-I love fashion. . .
-Is it weird that I can memorize an entire album's lyrics in one day?
-As soon as I turn 13 I am going to volunteer at a vet's office
-I can't believe you just read this whole thing. Thank you.

And that ladies and gentleman is what goes through my mind in 5 minutes.
All My LOVE,

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  1. Wow... I thought that was funny whats going in your head! I like the "Zits be gone" one and "Should I go see Monte Carlo on my birthday with my friends?", I will see if I can... :)


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