Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today Was Intersesting. . .

So, today started off being completely normal (You know my family's normal may be different then yours, just a warning.) Anyway I went to help my mom bring her computer in to the IT people and to cleanup her room. So, we dropped the computer off, move a bunch of stuff in her classroom to the other side (of the room)for about 15 minutes. (Which most of that time I spent playing with my mom's giant Mr. Potato-head.)

Soon after, we exited the building going into the large school play yard where the car was parked near, and then we realize that we are padlocked in. So, we check all the other doors. . . they're locked too. And of course, trying to be smart and savetime, we locked my mom's classroom door as well, leaving us no way into the building and no way out of the yard. Now eventually the school's janitor found us after about 5 minutes of calling his name. . . and we got out. I laughed the whole way home, my mother, however was I little less gleeful then I was. :P

On another note I have been having a great week otherwise. Well, actually that's not true, there were two minor set back to my full happiness: 1. My Vegas trip is now +1 more than it was supposed to be. . . 2. I have to get 2 shots in a matter of days. Aside from that my week has been consisting of a cute commercial, sleeping in, emails, picking up the latest Selena Gomez album, and blogging. Seeeeeeeee. . .

It's the deluxe version!

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