Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Been a While, Dear Friend

Ugh, I know, I know I haven't written in like a forever and we have a lot to catch up on.In part of my  news, I have been on Bethany Joy Galeotti's blog, (me being the One Tree Hill geek that I am) recently...a-hem everyday, because it never ceases to amaze me how awesome Bethany is. Plus, the result of me reading the blog is usually me thinking "Gee, I really should post something on that blog of mine", and well, I've finally gotten around to it.  First of all middle school is amazing, and I've made tons of new friends (with awesome names like Harmony and Love), while on the other hand my math teacher, well how should I say this nicely? He's err...well....umm....I guess trying to be nice about it is going to be harder than I thought. :)

I also went to that Taylor Swift, yeah no biggie...I mean OH MY GOSH! That was the best night ever. I have also lately proven that I am a T.V. junkie, seeing as like my whole schedule is filled up with shows like GLEE, New Girl, Modern Family, revenge, and Ringer.  Not to mention the fact that I've been on "pins and needles" as Bethany Joy says, waiting for One Tree Hill's final 13, I mean come on people! How long can a girl wait? Plus I'm also waiting for Bethany's band Everly to release their album, which brings me to yet another lovely topic. Taylor Swift's Speak Now Live CD+DVD....November 21st, can't you come sooner?

Hope to post more often, and soon...

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