Friday, November 25, 2011

Mini Christmas Trees and

Now that Thanksgiving is over, (I hope you had a happy one, sorry for not posting) we can be like all those stores and commercials and get started on Christmas. So, now that Christmas is in the air I got a few thing s to decorate my room with. I got a lollipop ornament and a mini Christmas tree from Target. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I usually try my best (with what little time I have) to go all out.  Some of my favorite items that I already have are the Taylor Swift Love, Love, Love stocking, and my sleeping beauty ornament that I have had since I was little.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, I have been loving the new . She has added a new layout, and my personal favorite the new backgrounds. To show you how good the new background are I have to do my usual thing and add....Pictures!

 How Gorgeous are these? Tell me what you think. 

Anyways, I am having a great Thanksgiving break! On Tuesday I got to hang out with one of  my best friends and we went to the park,plus we hung out in her room. Then on Wednesday, me and that same friend went to the park and goofed around with a bunch of are hilarious guy friends. Then I got to go to my Aunt's house for Turkey Day! And today is my relax day because tomorrow I am going to see Jack and Jill with my friend. Then, on Sunday, I have no idea what I'm doing. :P


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