Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Says, Who Says You Can't Speak Now?

So, I have been as you know exploring the Taylor Swift website for like, hours on end. Recently, and by that I mean five minutes ago, I have been on the Selena Gomez website. As I entered the website I found that the current headlining news on the website was "Selena performs with Taylor". It's so awesome to see to girls I love sing together, in Madison Square Garden no less.

Hahahaha, anyways, I have realized something. In a word, I've had a twelve year-old epiphany. I realized that everyday when you have amazing friends, and it helps when your friends with like, the entire seventh grade like me, but everyday is a good day. No matter if you have insults thrown at you, and you are having a rough time, something, anything, at least once a day will make you laugh. Sometimes, you have to run to the people who will make you laugh, or look up "David After Dentist" on YouTube for the hundredth time. But, for me laughing at least 50 times a day because of anything is healing. :)

Thanks to everyone for a great time. and by the way before I go, just thought I'd share with you a few social networking 40's posters. Yes, I am random. And not on any of these websites. Thanks Mom. :( J.K. 


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